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Grape Juice: Reviews and Rants 2.0

My name is DD and I am possibly the geekiest black person you'll ever know from movies to books. I'm a fan of many fandoms: Masters of the Universe, Transformers, Gundam, Fist of the North Star, Doctor Who, Sherlock. Hell, if it's interesting to me, I'm sold. I'm also am a writer, average cook, blogger of course, collector, and ranter. But you can visit my other blog for movie reviews and rants at I don't visit often or do much with it anymore, but do visit)

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Nov 11 '12

didn’t really liked the first episode so much. it looked too silly. unlike Tenchi Muyo(the one from YEARS ago) it was silly but you were entertained. GXP not so much.

Nov 4 '12

Yeah I finished watching Casshern Sins two weeks ago because I wasn’t going to wait for the finale on Toonami while I can watch the remaining episodes on Netflix. So here’s my two cents:

Luna(that crazy BITCH!)got off lite!

For someone that played off a the MAIN bad guy in Neo Human Casshan, I was pretty disapointed in Braiking Boss. and that last fight between him and Casshern wasn’t really good. I expected more from that fight.

Lyuze died in Casshern’s arms….out of the entire series there whole relationship intrigued the most. She hated him for killing Luna, but falls in love with him. I would love to see them fuck each others brains to oblivion. 

Ringo(MY BABY!!!!!) is the only one other then Casshern that lives and when she grows up…SHE’S FUCKING HOT!! and I felt kinda dirty afterwords

So now in a world where immortality is possible(kinda) Casshern plays out a the Lord of Death. Immortal or not, if you fuck up your ass will be dust. I just thought that was super bad ass.

So my final thoughts about Casshern Sins, as I pointed out earlier if you get pass of the art style, it’s not really that bad of the series. It has its twists especially with Luna and Braiking Boss. With Luna it worked. But with BB, he was treated more of a shadowy side character as in the original series and the OVA in the 90s, you didn’t want to fuck with this guy.

But I loved the journey of Casshern. A character who didn’t know what he did, but everybody in the world does and caused this robo-apockolypes. Yet as he travels he finds the means of his redemption and his new purpose in this world. 

Do I recommend this series—Yes!

Next week, we’ll see Tenchi or what I like to call him, “The Man with a Golden Cock, but doesn’t know how to use it,”

Jun 27 '12

just watch Deadman Wonderland. I thought I was going to be like Monster…..But it’s worse. The show is batshit insane on so many levels. blood magic science, white haired psycho bitches, staff full of sickos, but I LIKE THIS SHIT!!!

Jun 16 '12

Thoughts about today’s ThunderCats

PUMYRA……YOU FUCKING BITCH SLUT WHORE!!!!!!!!! she was fucking with Lion-O’s emotions but she was Mumm-Ra’s bitch. so uhh, how do they screw?

the last five minutes where EVERY body showed up was pretty damn epic. I hope that wasn’t the season finale. it’s getting really good.

May 27 '12

Thoughts about the Resurrection of Toonami

Toonami is back and it’s at full swing. It’s still the same line up: Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist, and Ghost in a Shell SAC. But they also added on two new(well one to my knowledge)shows. Deadman Wonderland and Casshern Sins. Deadman Wonderland looks really good and the story thus far is good kinda gives me a bit of a Monster feel when the main guy is going to do what it takes to clear his name. and leave it to the japanese to make a prison to a theme park. LMAO. it looks really promising. 

Cassharn Sins…..Well, I’ve seen a few episodes last year. Although the animation style is a bit to get used too. and the story kinda drags on(literally) It’s not that bad of a show either. Trust me give this show some time, and you’ll love it.


May 16 '12

When Toonami comes back next week. I hope they bring back Gundam

May 16 '12

HUGE FUCKING NEWS!!—————-TOONAMI IS COMING BACK ON THE AIR 5/26NEXT SATURDAY PEOPLE!this is great, really super great. i may have to take a weekend off. the good times are coming back.

Apr 9 '12

The Return of Toonami?!?!

i just found out that Toonami made a semi return on April fools day. WTF!?!?!! for one night they brought back the good shit. I hope they bring it back. CARTOON NETWORK PLEASE BRING BACK TOM AND THE EVOLUTION!!! THAT’S WHAT MADE YOUR NETWORK GREAT. shows for suggestion:  Gundam 00, Monster, Fist of the North Star(DUB THEM ALL!!!), Mobile Suit Gundam, Zeta Gundam, Samurai 7, hell i’ll even throw in Berserk because that shit was good.I WAS BROUGHT UP ON THAT SHIT…BRING IT BACK!!!!