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Grape Juice: Reviews and Rants 2.0

My name is DD and I am possibly the geekiest black person you'll ever know from movies to books. I'm a fan of many fandoms: Masters of the Universe, Transformers, Gundam, Fist of the North Star, Doctor Who, Sherlock. Hell, if it's interesting to me, I'm sold. I'm also am a writer, average cook, blogger of course, collector, and ranter. But you can visit my other blog for movie reviews and rants at I don't visit often or do much with it anymore, but do visit)

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Mar 19 '14


Holy shit was that Harley frakken Quinn? How many Batman characters appeared in this show now?

Dec 4 '13

Gal Gadot from the Fast and Furious movies is going to play Princess Diana if Themyscira in Batman vs Superman……which means…..

THE TRINITY!!!!!! This movie, I can tell all ready is going to be BEYOND EPIC. Bruce,Clark, and now Diana are going to be on the big screen together!!!! This is going to be so frakken big, and if this does well. The third movie will be Justice League…..Just so damn happy, Diana is finally going to get some props!!!!

Oct 5 '13

Pyg and Toad……YES!!!!!!!

Aug 23 '13

Okay, the more I think about it and hear what other people are saying about it——-I’m going to reserve my judgment on Ben Affleck’s Batman until I see him in the suit and the trailer. Although I don’t agree with him in the role, he has talent. Like I said last night when I was mad ass pissed like millions of others, maybe he learned his mistakes from Daredevil. Hell, his performance as Batman would be on the same bar as Bale’s(but hopefully he won’t sound like a busted car) Shit, he’s even friends with Kevin Smith. he could ask him a few pointers on how Batman should be portrayed on the big screen. He has the means on being a good Batman. Like I said, I’ll reserve my judgement until I see the trailer and him with the suit(hope to god they don’t bring back the nipples)

Aug 22 '13

The New Batman has been choosen according to IGN for the next Man of Steel/Batman crossover movie——————Ben Affleck

Let that sink in ya’ll head for a moment, Ben Affleck is going to play Batman! The last comic book movie he played in was in Daredevil where he played Matt Murdock aka Daredevil————-BOY WE KNOW HOW THAT TURNED OUT, RIGHT!?!?!?!! And this is the guy who’s going to play That Black Ninja Nigga named Wayne? Wayne, would go up to the producers or casting agents of this movie, OWNED each and every one of them and force them to pick someone else. I’m sorry, but no disrespect to Mr. Affleck you’re a terrific actor and hell of a good director. But your performance in Daredevil was poor and below average. BUT, you can prove me wrong. Maybe you’ve learned your mistakes from Daredevil and had become better. PROVE ME WRONG! This is Batman after all, one of the Big Three. One of the biggest comic book characters in history, go big or go home, sir.

Jul 27 '13

Both Batman and the Batmobile from Beware the Batman look sick

Jul 20 '13

Is it just me or is that every time Magpie says “Shiny Shiny” I instantly think of Deadman Wonderland and Shiro?

Feb 13 '13

Heroes that were trained by nemesis

Batman——-Ra’s Al Goul. Green Arrow——Deathstroke

Aug 18 '12

Peter Weller as Batman=GLORIOUS!!!! I will buy this when it comes out. it looks good people.


Aug 2 '12

My thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises

In 1988 Tim Burton brought us the first Batman film starring Micheal Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Taking more of the mood from the critically acclaimed and my personal favorite graphic novel Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns instead of the 1960s campy, rockem sockem, word pop-up mash up. It completely change how we see Batman on both the comics and onto the screen. Spawning three sequels with the later two being directed by Joel Schumacher(Shame on you for Batman and Robin which I will never talk about unless I want my BP to spike) 

But it was the year 2005 that Batman gotten into the real, thanks to British director Christopher Nolan. His first film in his trilogy Batman Begins showed us how Batman would turn out in today’s society with a realistic view. And it worked. He then followed that up with The Dark Knight which made the Joker scary as fuck. This year brings us to the last of the trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises. Now my thoughts.

THAT WAS THE BEST DAMN MOVIE I’VE SEEN IN A LONG DAMN TIME!!!! Bane was absolutely viscous. Taking away the sour taste that was from Batman and Robin when Bane was a mindless drone. This Bane came straight from Knightfall, he will fuck you up. In this case from the movie, HE FUCKED BATMAN UP.  The fight between them in the sewers, EPIC! Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, she was great. But I noticed a few fan-winks Mr. Daggett straight from the animated series and the design of the Bat, come on that came from Batman Beyond. And Miranda Tate and the Save the World Foundation I knew she was Talia Al’Goul and they tried to play off that Bane was Ra’s son. A great twist and it could’ve worked, but that would’ve pissed off some fans. Understandable. And she worked as well. But the best scene was the war where Gotham’s finest led by Batman were taking on Bane. And by the end, all I have to say is WOW. Now since this series has now ended, I’m now curious on how Chris Nolan and Zach Snyder would work with Man of Steel. Would the god-like Superman fit in in the real world? We’ll find out next summer. But for now, I must say Thank you, Mr. Nolan.