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Grape Juice: Reviews and Rants 2.0

My name is DD and I am possibly the geekiest black person you'll ever know from movies to books. I'm a fan of many fandoms: Masters of the Universe, Transformers, Gundam, Fist of the North Star, Doctor Who, Sherlock. Hell, if it's interesting to me, I'm sold. I'm also am a writer, average cook, blogger of course, collector, and ranter. But you can visit my other blog for movie reviews and rants at I don't visit often or do much with it anymore, but do visit)

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Aug 30 '13

saw Berserk: The Golden Age Arc 2 last night. which was really good plus I’ve seen the original series so I kinda know what’s going to happen in the next film(ALL KINDS OF HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE) But I never read the magna in which things happened in the “Aftermath” of Griffith’s ascension, that we only had a glimpse of it in the first episode of the series. I hope these new Berserk films explores this. Then I thought, well if for ever reason the US decides to make this into a live action film I can only think of three actors to play three of the lead roles that are Guts, Caska, and Griffith. That can actually work

Tom Hardy-Guts

Zoe Saldana-Caska

Jamie Campbell Bower-Griffith

May 31 '13

Macross: Do You Remember Love?

This morning I was going through YouTube to find something worthy to watch while I eat some breakfast. Then I’ve stumbled upon a fan-dub of the anime classic, Macross: Do You Remember Love? I’m a big fan of the Macross series, even when I was introduced to it being called Robotech. I’ve seen every episode of the Robotech series, but Macross I saw last year thanks to Hulu. Although Robotech and Macross are the exact same series, the english dubs are done by different actors(the one for Macross actually had the Original Lynn Minmei from the 80s series to redo her lines in english! Mad cool points) And the story is more darker.

Do You Remember Love is a joy to watch. The artwork is supurb, the action was great, and the music…..Man, the music especially the title song mesmerizing. Although, I don’t know what Minmei is singing, the music was good. As for the story, if you’re familiar with the series. Macross is about a giant space fortress facing off with a race of giant aliens called the Zentrodi who are basically a warrior race being born from test tubes. As the series went on, the Zentrodi were curious about the humans for two reasons: the men lived with the women and the culture of the species. Some were amazed by this and joined the humans and some were like you traitorous bastards we would like to taste your blood. To make a long story short, there was a battle which ended in peace. This movie takes elements from the series and mixed them up a bit. Instead of the male and female Zentrodi being a separate branch, they’re at war with each other. They got more into the epic love triangle that is Minmei, ace pilot Hikaru Ichijyo(Rick Hunter in Robotech), and Misa Hayase(Lisa Hayes). And Roy Fokker was a drunken ass. There was even a scene in which Hikaru, Misa, and Roy were trying to escape from the Zentrodi ship they were being overwhelmed. Then Roy said, “Hey kid, kiss her,” when Hikaru and Misa kissed, the reaction of the male Zentrodi was instantly hilarious it was like seeing a vampire being backed off by a crucifix. Which is also quite sad as the Zentrodi know nothing else but war. Until Minmei sang that song and everybody was united.

If they’re thinking about doing a live-action version of this. They don’t have to go by the series. Do You Remember Love is more of a interpretation of the series as a whole then to see 40+ episodes. Plus they have to leave the music alone, just dub it in english. If you’re a fan of the series, give this movie a try. But if you’re want to see a classic love story, this is right up your ally. *****out of*****

Apr 25 '13

Just found out that Monster is coming to HBO!!!!! I’m so fucking happy right now. I’ve seen the anime from start to finish and it was really damn good. Can’t wait for this. Now the question is, who’s going to play Dr. Tenma and Johan

Apr 6 '13

After seeing Iron Man: Rise of the Technovore and after seeing the badass that is The Punisher voiced by Norman Reedus….THEY NEED TO DO A DAMN SERIES CUZ HE WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!

Dec 5 '12

Earlier me and my niece watched Rio. Although the music was on point which made me get the soundtrack, that chick that was Blu’s owner. When she was at Carnival and had that two piece….I kinda wanted her to take it off..She was kinda hot for a CG chick……..and I think that most of the men in Rio are the lover of cock…Just what they wear during the party.

Nov 11 '12

didn’t really liked the first episode so much. it looked too silly. unlike Tenchi Muyo(the one from YEARS ago) it was silly but you were entertained. GXP not so much.

Nov 4 '12

Yeah I finished watching Casshern Sins two weeks ago because I wasn’t going to wait for the finale on Toonami while I can watch the remaining episodes on Netflix. So here’s my two cents:

Luna(that crazy BITCH!)got off lite!

For someone that played off a the MAIN bad guy in Neo Human Casshan, I was pretty disapointed in Braiking Boss. and that last fight between him and Casshern wasn’t really good. I expected more from that fight.

Lyuze died in Casshern’s arms….out of the entire series there whole relationship intrigued the most. She hated him for killing Luna, but falls in love with him. I would love to see them fuck each others brains to oblivion. 

Ringo(MY BABY!!!!!) is the only one other then Casshern that lives and when she grows up…SHE’S FUCKING HOT!! and I felt kinda dirty afterwords

So now in a world where immortality is possible(kinda) Casshern plays out a the Lord of Death. Immortal or not, if you fuck up your ass will be dust. I just thought that was super bad ass.

So my final thoughts about Casshern Sins, as I pointed out earlier if you get pass of the art style, it’s not really that bad of the series. It has its twists especially with Luna and Braiking Boss. With Luna it worked. But with BB, he was treated more of a shadowy side character as in the original series and the OVA in the 90s, you didn’t want to fuck with this guy.

But I loved the journey of Casshern. A character who didn’t know what he did, but everybody in the world does and caused this robo-apockolypes. Yet as he travels he finds the means of his redemption and his new purpose in this world. 

Do I recommend this series—Yes!

Next week, we’ll see Tenchi or what I like to call him, “The Man with a Golden Cock, but doesn’t know how to use it,”

Nov 3 '12

My Thoughts on the season finale of Transformers Prime

GOD DAMN KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why the shit is Starscream still kickin’ Megs should’ve let Dreadwing end his ass.

This is by far the best episode in the series

GOD DAMN MIKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ratchet wants to go home so damn bad.

Is it just me or does the Decepticons new tower look like the movie version of Castle Greyskull from Masters of the Universe aka the Pirate ship?

So will Megatron going to have his badass cannon arm back? if so make it bigger.

But the main ? is, is Optimus dead again? If so, he should stay dead in my opinion and bring in either Ultra Magnus or Rodimus….Please please PLEASE i hope they bring in Rodimus.

Sep 29 '12

watching the new TMNT series and I was a bit on the reserve since they cast Jason Biggs as Leonardo and Sean Astin as Raphael. I must say, they did a decent job. and with that said and the return of Green Lantern the Animated Series and Young Justice, SATURDAY MORNINGS ARE BACK, BITCHES!!!!

Sep 23 '12

Lyuze admited she was in love with Casshern…..

we all knew that, bitch. took your ass long enough to admit it yourself. If a woman(human or robot) hunts down a man and when she has a chance to kill the motherfucker and didn’t do it….L..O..V..E and she’s going to stick by him till the very end…KEEPER!!! but it was kinda weird seeing her naked.