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Grape Juice: Reviews and Rants 2.0

My name is DD and I am possibly the geekiest black person you'll ever know from movies to books. I'm a fan of many fandoms: Masters of the Universe, Transformers, Gundam, Fist of the North Star, Doctor Who, Sherlock. Hell, if it's interesting to me, I'm sold. I'm also am a writer, average cook, blogger of course, collector, and ranter. But you can visit my other blog for movie reviews and rants at I don't visit often or do much with it anymore, but do visit)

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Dec 9 '13

Snowball ain’t taking no shit!!!

Jul 27 '13

Both Batman and the Batmobile from Beware the Batman look sick

Jul 20 '13

Is it just me or is that every time Magpie says “Shiny Shiny” I instantly think of Deadman Wonderland and Shiro?

Apr 28 '13

My thoughts on Teen Titans Go…….after viewing it for 5 minutes


This is like elements of the original series, with a tone of Friends and is written by stoners

MY GOD WHAT DID THEY DO TO RAVEN!!!!??!??!!?! WHEN DID SHE LIKE PONIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SO FUCKING WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So they decided to cancel two promising shows with proper storylines and character development to this utter garbage. Shame on you Cartoon Network….SHAME ON YOU. I———AM———-DONE!

Mar 18 '13

My thoughts on the season/series finale of Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Best damn episode out of the ENTIRE series!!!

All of the Green Lanterns(except for John and Kyle, but if the series was renewed as it SHOULD, they would’ve put them in) showed up. and Guy as always was boss

So Hal figures out that Aya is a living being..not a plain regular AI, she’s a living being and all of those stars she destroyed didn’t have any life on them was an act of conscious……..WHY THE FUCK IS THIS SHOW GETTING CANCELLED…THAT’S GOOD FUCKING WRITING. MAKING THE ULTRA POWERFUL ROBO SHE-BITCH DESTROY ALL KINDS OF PLANETS BUT DEEP INSIDE HER SUBCONSCIOUS TOTALLY ACTS DIFFERENTLY……….FUCK YOU CARTOON NETWORK!!

So I ended up being kinda right on how Aya was going to be taken down. Razor unexpectedly after he was delivered a hadoken, snapped her back into reality. and her sanity was short lived as she created a virus that not only destroyed the Manhunters but her as well, but I did like that little moment they had together, that pretty much sums up there relationship.

At the end they all were considered heroes including Razor and he parted ways from Hal and Keliwog in HOPE to find Aya not beleiving that she’s truly dead…was really surprised that Keliwog gotten emotional of Razor leaving. the two were being each other’s bitches throughout the entire series. And the last shot where Razor was flying through space in search for his dead girlfriend we see a Blue Lantern ring floating behind him. 


and the way the series was building up, if the Anti-Monitor wasn’t so much of a badass. There would’ve been the War of Light, because they’ve introduce all of the colors except indigo, yellow was mention and used on curtain occasions but not as a ring, black(would’ve been interesting on how they were going to play that out), and white.

I would’ve love to see Parallax because he was an evil motherfucka. not Darkseid evil though, he’s fucking Lucifer…..but evil. 

It is a shame and a crime that this series was let go in it’s prime. Green Lantern is so rich with stories they can go anywhere but the network thought differently…..sons of bitches and whores.

Mar 17 '13

My thoughts on the season/series finale of Young Justice

Come one, the Justice League were going to get acquitted of all charges, people :)

But always bet on black when you’re in a corner. As Black Beetle did when he had no other options by putting those Reach tech things all over the planet.

Lex Luther help saving the planet………….well he does become president later. so saving the world earns him some major points.

So the Line of Allen(Barry,Wally,and Bart) saved the world….but at a price. People, Wally ain’t dead. He’s one with the Speedforce(at least that’s my guess)

Fanwink to those Static Shock fans(like myself) noticed Virgil’s shirt?

The kids ain’t kids anymore, they have control over the big house and they got there props.NICE

Conner just kiss Megan already…….or reintroduce her to daddy dick

But what got me was the very end, where Savage met up with King Nigga himself, Darkseid. with the end quote, “Business as usual,”

Haven’t seen Green Lantern yet, but I will post my thoughts on that later. I really liked this series and it’s a damn shame that it’s being cancelled. With Darkseid coming into the mix, they’ve could’ve gone anywhere with this. A brand new team, an extended family of heroes it would’ve been sweet. but as most good things on Cartoon Network, they get canned when it was getting good. and I saw the commercial featuring the new Teen Titans series….you can cancel two of the best comic book series and bring in a series that is not only ridiculous but has no continuity to any series before it…………………….WHAT THE FLYING FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!

Mar 9 '13

My thoughts on today’s Green Lantern and Young Justice



Guy: Yeah we got another Earth Lantern, his name is John Stewart

Hal: The fake news guy? (that almost made me minor insulted but also a great pun to both John and Jon(the fake news guy))

So the Anti-Monitor has become Unicron and has the ability to time travel…and still talk some shit. Which Aya knows about this and blows him the fuck up.

Bitch is going to have to be take down

Young Justice


They showed blood in this episode…Hell, Aqualad and Artimus both got shot by Deathstroke. Don’t know what to say about that

Aqualad showed his nigga side by calling out both the Reach and the Light. Showing that they both screwed each other over and they had the nerve on calling Aqualad a child. But in the end of Aqualad’s speech, in nigga terms he basically told them “This kid just fucked you in the ass, motherfuckas!”

Ra’s has an eye for jewelry….and he’ll be back next episode after a bath in the Lazarus Pit. stab wounds ain’t shit

Artimus and Wally are going to have some epic sex later on

I’m really going to miss Impulse  

The battle at the end reminded me of the big battle at the end of Attack of the Clones. every body showed up.

next week shit is about to go down.

….so why the fuck with brilliant writing, animation, characters, and storytelling are these shows being cancelled again?

Feb 24 '13

My thoughts on this weeks Green Lantern the Animated Series and Young Justice


I was basically right on how the episode would turn out. The word ‘mine’ was said so frequently it is now annoying,

Larfeeze, man I love Larfeeze in this.

I dig Hal’s Orange Lantern costume and was it just me or did that one shot when Hal had all of those orange rings on his fingers and looking all crazed look like the cover for Emerald Twilight?

Looks like Aya is making quick work over some stars. They may have to kill her or Razor has to save her. I’m leaning towards Razor

Young Justice

ARSENAL IS A FUCKING BADASS!!!!!!! He went all John McClane on the Reach.

Lex is asking I guess they’re now called Misfits(NOT THE BRITS WITH SIMON, KELLY, CURTIS, ALISHA, NATHAN, AND RUDY…but they do have superpowers) to save Superboy.UUUHHH. But I would screw the asian chick.

Getting tired of the damn Reach and so is that news reporter guy who just found out about the bullshit.

Roy was once again smart when he release Mongul from stasis to try to kick Black Beetle’s ass. after the Misfits were getting there asses handed to them.

So the team is now reunited and Dick was being a dick to the guy that SAVED THE FUCKING TEAM!! and kicked him off the team for not being a team player. I really feel for Roy. He lost eight years of his life and he’s kinda fucked up in the head. He’s like a prisoner that doesn’t want to go back in the pen.And he ain’t going to let nobody or anything get him back in that situation. Roy should’ve told Dick to go fuck himself. And now he’s with the Misfits

And the Misfits basically told Lex to go fuck himself too.

Feb 2 '13

My thoughts on today’s Green Lantern and Young Justice


The Anti-Monitor is one BAD motherfucka, even when that one Guardian unlocked her hidden power he was like, “Bye bitch,”

Aya lives after what happened last week(knew they wouldn’t kill her off) and Razor that dumbass took what he said back. He loves her, he’s was too damn scared of what happened to Aya and was afraid to lose her twice. And he had to say THE WRONG GOD DAMN THING WHICH SHE BECAME AN EMOTIONAL WREAK AND THE RESULT IS……..ION!

Aya-Ion kicked some fuckin ass. She made the Manhunters look like paperweights and made the Anti-Monitor look like cardboard. and as a result Aya is now the Borg Queen.


I don’t know who the other guys are, but I know Static. And BB best friend might be Apache Chief since he can grow large and he kinda looks like him.

Blue Beetle is acting a bit strange….and it turns out that Green Beetle and Black Beetle are in to take out the meat. that kinda sounds wrong. So I guess that trick GB did to BB made him worse. Oh Impulse, they’ve should’ve listened.

And when the shit hits the fan, turn to Lex Luther who is a master shit talker to tell the kids that to come with him so they can be the bad asses they were meant to be and take out the Reach….maybe.

And right when the shit gets good Cartoon Network pulls the plug on these shows……That makes me sick.

Jan 12 '13

So as I’m watching the end of today’s episode of Green Lantern, which had the Blue Lanterns and they kicked ass. Is Razor going to try to screw Aiya? She’s a robot and it would be kind of awkward trying to have mad rage sex with a machine. I see nothing wrong with that, but still weird. 

Did anybody notice the Static Shock fanwink from Young Justice? They need to bring him back.